A Digital Engineering World
Implementation & Management
of engineering Digital Platforms

The goal of Power Project Consulting is to digitalize your plant as an intelligent tridimensional model, giving the operators all the easy and fast instrument to control the whole operational and maintenance activities with a simple click of the mouse or on wireless mode by mean of a tablet. The implementation of Digital Engineering Platforms includes the digitalization of the existing plant documentation and Catalogues, providing a powerful tool to easier the plant management processes.

Engineering & Consulting
Multidisciplinary Engineering
Project Management Services
EPC Projects

Complete range of multidisciplinary engineering (feasibility studies, Basic design / FEED , Detail engineering) and related services. Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) concerning the "turnkey" construction of plants and infrastructure. Assistance & Support to Owners for overall operations: work assistance and Supervision, coordination and Control of the Engineering and Process Phase, project control, cost control, contract administration, inspections, work direction, etc.

3D Design & Development
Application Management Services
Smart 3D Modeling & Administration

  • Data Warehousing Systems
  • Document Digitalization

PPC has a multi-year experience in the use of platforms for design and management of the production process dedicated to specific customers: design, document management, production process, Document Digitalization, Application Management Service, design with smart technologically advanced systems for the implementation of 3D intelligent models.

Advanced Technologies
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering through laser scanning technology for the production of three-dimensional intelligent model with aggregated techniques (specifications, classes of online, documentation management, etc). Industrial solutions in the design, managerial and maintenance arising from the use of Virtual Reality technologies to recreate faithfully, a work environment on which to perform real maintenance operations, allowing increasing the skills of maintenance personnel by means of simulations.

Power Project Consulting

A Digital Engineering World

PPC started in the year 2002 in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation, covering all activities involved from engineering to supervision, assistance to maintenance and operations, up to technological advanced hardware and software solutions. Its background cover all professional roles and operational experiences so to reach a complete knowledge of all complex aspects involved into the plant system.

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Engineering and modeling of a new housing module adjacent to the existing one. The project involves the construction of a...
The project will be implemented in partnership with a Danish company. The VRU plant will be upgraded according to the...
PPC has acquired, as EPC Contractor, the contract for the project “Increase of torch gas system capacity”. In general the...
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