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Multidisciplinary Engineering Services
Project Power Consulting is a worldwide operating company in the field of multidisciplinary and specialized engineering services. Among the typical activities, the company includes a wide range of multidisciplinary services concerning the development of projects with an international approach of great importance:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Basic design / FEED (Front End Engineering Design);
  • Detail engineering of plant and equipment by means of advanced technologies;
  • Procurement, construction management, plants start-up and staff training;
  • “As Built” survey of plants through the Laser Scanning technology and modeling with advanced technologies;
  • Risk Analysis and processing of safety plans, Inspection and Testing plans;
  • Studies concerning modification and improvement of process technology;
  • Preparation and updating of operational manuals;
  • Coordination activities regarding safety during design and execution phases;
  • Field Engineering;
  • Consulting Services;
  • Project Management Services.


Field Engineering & Work Supervision
The high-standard expertise of the PPC’s technical staff can provide field engineering and consulting services to clients locally, nationally and internationally:

  • Supervision of multidisciplinary works;
  • Site management, assistance, job accounting;
  • Supervision in compliance with the current requirements of construction’s technical regulations;
  • Safety Coordination;
  • NDT / Inspection & testing;
  • Coordination of job-orders on behalf of the client;
  • Multidisciplinary specialized consulting;
  • Implementation of investment proposals and budget planning;
  • Scheduling & Project Control Services;
  • Cost control;
  • Activities Planning through advanced dedicated software (primavera / project);
  • Planning and management of maintenance works;
  • Management and implementation of technical annexes / tender documentation;
  • Video and general shutdown books preparation;
  • Supervision of the predictive work on industrial equipment;
  • Classification of hazardous areas according to current regulations;
  • Inspecting and testing in accordance with the PED and ATEX;
  • Verification and control of documentation for stress-analysis projects;
  • Performance of Audit on quality, safety and environment (UNI EN ISO 19011:03);
  • Vendor qualification and ranking;
  • Procurement & Expediting Services, SAP operator / processing of RFQ and RFD;


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