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Power Project Consulting operates internationally in the field of multi-disciplinary and specialized engineering services, mainly in the field of Oil & Gas and Power Generation. Power Project Consulting offers to the top-tier operators EPC services through the “turnkey” formula and specialized information technology services for engineering.
Through the collaboration in projects of high content and specialization with large production companies and with prestigious international engineering companies, Power Project Consulting has always focused on using cutting-edge methodologies to increase its competitiveness. Starting from this base and measuring itself with an increasingly global market, in recent years the company has begun a path of sector diversification that has led to the development of new divisions, extending its activity also in the strategic sectors of marine, nuclear, environment.
Power Project Consulting is determined to pursue continuous improvement in everything it does and its greatest aspiration is to be considered by its customers and other relevant stakeholders an irreplaceable partner for the quality of the product / service provided and for the capacity to meet all the needs.
The organization and business operations are based on a Quality Management System. This system takes the form of well-defined processes, applied in a systematic, planned and documented way, with the following aims:
– Get the full satisfaction of the client and other relevant stakeholders;
– Operate competitively on the market, improving management results;
– Control and optimize business processes, correcting non-compliance to continuously improved performance;
– Ensure all staff and customers behave in accordance with the code of ethics that the company has set itself.
The implemented Quality System is based on rules and practices established and agreed with the entire organization, formalized in specific documents and procedures that must guide each company function in carrying out its activities, in order to guarantee the following objectives:
– Increase the quality of the product/service provided;
– Cost optimization;
– Carrying out the process in compliance with current industry regulations and with regard to safety, ethics and ecology;
– Raise the culture of quality in the operational staff, involving them in the knowledge of the importance of their business;
– Continuous adaptation of production capacity and flexibility, in order to maintain a high level of product competitiveness and an optimal quality/price ratio.
Power Project Consulting considers vital to comply with the requirements of the client and the applicable mandatory requirements, as well as ensuring the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, setting itself increasingly demanding quality objectives.
The decision to certify the working system is dictated by the belief that quality is the only path that leads to lasting success over time: this is why all staff is required to share and pursue the objectives set by the Management, through the maximum involvement, availability and collaboration.
The achievement of the objectives set out above, together with the operational objectives specified in the Re-examination report and in the Quality Budget Review Report, is only possible through the commitment of all personnel. Therefore, to each manager and at all levels, it is required to sensitize their collaborators to:
– Guarantee compliance with the procedures and operating rules;
– Guaranteeing the respect of the assigned roles;
– Achieve the set quality objectives;
– Fight inefficiencies and proposing actions for continuous improvement of processes;
– Increase their knowledge and enrich their cultural heritage;
– Guide their collaborators with example and involvement;
– Respect diversity (of opinion, culture, religion, language, skin, etc…)
The identification and quantification of the quality objectives are carried out during the periodic review of the system, in accordance with the details of the internal MIG procedure. The correct application of what is described in the Quality Manual and in the procedures to which it refers, allows the effective implementation of the Quality Policy within the company structure.
The Managing Director undertakes to achieve the objectives set by the Quality Policy and to verify its achievement through periodic reviews of the quality system.
The Managing Director undertakes to review, on an annual basis, the Quality Policy to ensure that it is in line with the company, to make it available to relevant stakeholders and to communicate it to all functions through:
– Display of the Quality Policy document on the bulletin board or in another suitable place for all company functions to be viewed;
– Theoretical and practical training of internal and external resources;
– Company intranet.
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