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Increase productivity with management of technical information, costs, research and warehouse through digital catalogs.
Aim and key points

  • Cut off paper documentation developing digital information;
  • Guide user in the choice of the products and comparing similar products, considering features of the projects and its cost;
  • Standardization of products and related information;
  • Reduce deviation from standard, allowing to create high volumes purchases on a few models to make the most of basic economy.

Parameter Search
Use of digital catalogs instead of paper enables research of the part by distinctive parameters, not just by code or simple description. The indexing of the parameters makes it possible to compare several elements and choosing the most technically suitable and advantageous one.
Warehouse management and products standardization
Through digital catalog, it is possible to map products in stock with a series of unique parameters and searching for them later, massively reducing the creation of new parts. By comparing the technical characteristics of the existing parts, it is possible to identify and eliminate double parts, sorting them in a organized way.
Management of preferred products and suppliers
Definition of a series of standard products and creation of the digital catalog of products for qualified suppliers, improving the negotiation of costs for repetitive parts.
Management of several suppliers, to concentrate the purchase volumes and therefore to obtain cost reductions during the negotiation, through the analysis of products and usage statistics.
Digital data can be available on any mobile media at any time, without using paper.
Costs reduction and timely negotiations with suppliers
Parametric approach allows the cost to be examined and negotiate with supplier’s composition and price of each single item that makes up the product concerned.
Integration with ERP systems
The digital catalog in continuous communication with ERP systems of the company keeping them updated with univocal rather than double parts and with accurate and validated costs.

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