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The advent of new technologies, such as Laser Scanning applied in the field of industrial and civil structures, gave a boost to the international market, changing the way surveys are carried out and improving the final product quality. In the same time, costs and response time have been significantly reduced, eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment (scaffolding, local inspections, etc…).The by the means of laser of parts or of the whole plant produces a “point cloud” which is processed by a computer and then transformed into a three-dimensional model. The resulting model sets the standard of the future 3D planning and 3Di aggregation techniques (3D “intelligent”), i.e. specifications, classes of online, documentation management and so on. The application scale of this brand-new important technology ranges from civil nuclear facilities and power generation on the whole. Power Project Consulting is one of the first companies that includes a consolidated experience in the international arena and in the fields of onshore and offshore in the use of laser scanning technology to survey in the field of plants. Through its experts, the company is able to offer a wide range of services:

  • Field Survey of the existing plant using laser scanner to obtain the “point cloud” model of the involved parts of the plant
  • Implementation of layouts with panoramic views linked
  • Implementation of the 3D CAD model from the “point cloud”
  • Integration between 3D CAD model and line specifications to obtain the 3Di model
  • Field surveys to resolve discrepancies between model and documentation
  • Extraction of the plant constructive drawings from the CAD 3Di model
  • Extraction of the piping material lists (MTO) from the CAD 3Di model
  • Check and update of the “as-built” status of existing key documents
  • Import into the 3D CAD modeling system of the point clouds resulting from laser scanning to obtain the complete plant as-built model:
  • Reconstruction of the specifications and technical documentation of the plant
  • Provision of technical information and documentation for changes and additions to plants

Power Project Consulting is one of the first companies to rely on a well-established experience worldwide within the on shore and off shore fields as regard to the Laser Scanning technology for the plants’ surveying. By means of its experts, the Company is able to provide a wide range of services:

  • Field Survey of the existing plant through laser scanner systems in order to obtain a “points cloud” to of the plant’s parts involved
  • Layout realization along with overviews linked
  • Realization of CAD 3D model starting from the above mentioned “points cloud”.
  • integration between CAD 3D and the line specifications in order to get the 3Dmodel
  • surveys on field concerning detection of mismatches between model and documentation
  • Extraction of the plant’s construction drawings from the 3D CAD model
  • Extraction of the Materials Take-off from the CAD 3Di model
  • Testing and updating of the key documentation during the “as-built” phase
  • Transfer into the CAD 3D modeling system of the “points cloud” following the laser scanning survey in order to obtain a complete as built model of the plant
  • reconstruction of the plant’s specifications and technical documentation
  • preparation of the technical and documental data pertaing to plants changes and additions

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