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Power Project Consulting has developed and fine-tuned a series of industrial solutions in the design, managerial and maintenance arising from the use of Virtual Reality technologies.
The Virtual Reality is a solution that allows recreating faithfully, a work environment on which to perform real maintenance operations, allowing increasing the skills of maintenance personnel by means of simulations.
The solution allows both the training and the learning test of maintenance procedures. The Virtual Reality solution allows, in the same way as a flight simulator for an aircraft pilot, to have access to all those operations that in reality occur from time to time, keeping their own intervention ability always trained for any eventuality. Thanks to its modular structure, the possibilities of personalization of the solutions are many and allow configuring a workflow adherent to the needs of the customer. The modularity of the solutions integrates emerging technologies to statistical analysis as well as the creation of customized templates. The practical applications in industry are many and include in particular the management and maintenance of the plants. Among the main applications is the digital management of operational manuals, which makes the consultation of content fast, easy and intuitive, the plant procedures, lifting with a focus on HSE, pre-commissioning and commissioning with the possibility of using check -list directly linked to a centralized system that allows immediate processing for scheduling corrective actions for the start-up of a plant, work permits, control of internal roads and frequency in the plant with georeferencing for the control of people and things within plant areas through the use of gaps technology that preserves the privacy of personnel, HSE training, training for operators and plant management, Turn Around, tests and NDT, etc.
One of the strengths in the preparation of operating manuals is the centralization and the possibility to update content, while maintaining a single work workflow, eliminating loss of data and time for export of content on external systems. In the field of maintenance the fault recovery time is often linked to a series of procedures before and after the actual intervention that lead to a lengthening of the time of solving the problem. Thanks to the automation, centralization and digitization of procedures, the overall intervention time is contracted resulting in tending to only the reset time of the anomaly.
The main practical advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Reducing overall response times;
  • Centralization of data (upgradeable);
  • Historicizing of the interventions;
  • Aggregate and simultaneous display of the sequence of operations to be performed;
  • Ease of use;
  • Device Independent;
  • Applicable both on new projects that implementable on existing realizations (it is foreseen the functioning with and without sensors, allowing installation without impacting already consolidated operating procedures);
  • Manual/sensor signaling hybrid operation, automating the feedback of the equipment considered to be primarily and keeping the manual signaling for those of lesser interest;
  • Reduced response times;
  • Solution “green-oriented”, providing savings of paper operating manuals and logistic;
  • Possibility of implementation and correction in progress of operational manuals.

Virtual Reality Applications

  • Design & Simulation
  • Operating procedures;
  • Consequences of failure;
  • Interactivity between project / vendor documentation and training plans;
  • Operating, maintenance and construction sequences;
  • Business simulation;
  • Procedures Development;
  • Design review;
  • Planning optimization concept;
  • Accessibility & Maintainability Review ;
  • Constructability;
  • Safety studies and review;
  • Mechanical handling review;
  • Operational Safety Studies and review (Escape route, PPE, etc.).

Maintenance and Operation

  • Operator training;
  • Maintenance Material;
  • Tools management;
  • Work permit simulation and review;
  • Vendor/Maintenance Doc Management and review;
  • Safety Training;
  • Revamping constructability and scheduling;
  • Accident simulation;
  • Security review and simulation.

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