Completed the 90% model review of the NFB Offshore Accommodation platform in Qatar

Engineering and modeling of a new housing module adjacent to the existing one. The project involves the construction of a new living quarter with 45 double cabins, offices, conference rooms and recreational spaces. The overall structure will have 4 elevations, in addition to the roof level and helideck and will be connected by bridges to the existing one.

PPC has acquired the contract for the project “Increase of torch gas system capacity”

PPC has acquired, as EPC Contractor, the contract for the project “Increase of torch gas system capacity”. In general the project includes the provision of:

  • New suction and delivery lines;
  • New discharge separator;
  • New sea water heat exchangers;
  • All the necessary instrumentation for the control and monitoring of the compressor;
  • Compressed seals flushing system.

The scope of work includes all the activities of expansion and integration of electrical systems and all activities of expansion and integration of existing control systems (DCS / ESD).

Biomass Treatment Unit

PPC has reached the goal of the model review 90% of the Biomass Treatment Unit (BTU) project, achieving the objectives of the contract. The “BTU” project, concerning the Project called “G2 Project”, acquired by PPC in partnership with an international company, envisages the construction of a plant capable of converting part of the refinery, to operate through a new operating scheme (Green Refinery), which will be able to produce high quality biofuels (free of oxygen, and totally hydrocarbon) from renewable raw materials, in accordance with the requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive RED 2009/28 / EC.
The project of the new plant envisages treating a charge consisting of crude palm oil (CPO), PFAD (Palm Oil Fatty Distillate), animal fats (AF), UCO (Used Cooked Oil), to produce refined oil.