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Reverse engineering through laser scanning technology for the production of three-dimensional intelligent model with aggregated techniques (specifications, classes of online, documentation management, etc).

  • Field Survey of the existing plant using laser scanner to obtain the “point cloud” model of the involved parts of the plant;
  • Implementation of layouts with panoramic views linked;
  • Implementation of the 3D CAD model from the “point cloud”;
  • Integration between 3D CAD model and line specifications to obtain the 3Di model;
  • Field surveys to resolve discrepancies between model and documentation;
  • Extraction of the plant constructive drawings from the CAD 3Di model;
  • Extraction of the piping material lists (MTO) from the CAD 3Di model;
  • Check and update of the “as-built” status of existing key documents;
  • Import into the 3D CAD modeling system of the point clouds resulting from laser scanning to obtain the complete plant as-built model;
  • Reconstruction of the specifications and technical documentation of the plant;
  • Provision of technical information and documentation for changes and additions to plants.



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